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Nourish’d Cleanses 

Nourish’d have taken the time in designing and perfecting a juice cleanse that offers you the opportunity to reset your digestive system, detoxify your body, clear and power the mind as well as welcoming new positive habits into your everyday life.  We would love for you to have a pleasant and comfortable detox and therefore offer constant support during your cleanse. Our cleanses weave nature’s finest produce into a purifying and revitalizing rainbow of vegetable and fruit juices.

We believe in a sustainable and eco-friendly environment and therefore only use glass jars. This has enabled us to adopt a reduce, reuse and recycle concept, which we would love for you to be a part of. In exchange we are asking for a  small deposit of R10 for each glass jar, which will be fully reimbursed once all our jars are returned back to us.

Why Cleanse?  

Doing a juice cleanse has proven many positive effects on the body, as our overall health is largely about our digestive system. Allowing your digestive tract a break from digesting solid food has many benefits.

Our digestive system is very busy and hard-working, which requires high amounts of energy, so it makes sense to give it a vacation once in a while. Fasting also allows for the body’s enzyme system to focus on detoxifying and breaking down toxins in the body quickly and efficiently without the job of heavy food digestion.

During fasts, toxins are being circulated in the body in order for our organs to de-arm them. Therefore, it’s not always wise to detoxify quickly because a flood of toxins being released at once can cause serious distress to the body that can do more harm than good. Read through the Pre -cleanse tips to ensure a comfortable and enriching cleanse.

Cold Pressed juices are rich in vitamins, fibre and antioxidant activity. Antioxidants help neutralize free radicals in the body, in turn to help fight dis-ease. This combination helps fight dis-ease, support the immune system, and may reduce the risk of cancer.

Fasting is a message to your body that you’re embarking on a new beginning, flushing out the old and bringing in the new. Fasting is the perfect way to introduce new healthy habits and foods into your life. It can give you that jump-start, boost clarity, and clear your body toward shifting things in a positive direction.


Pre –cleanse

It is important to prepare the body in the right way before doing a juice cleanse, as this will determine the quality of your detox. By including the suggested tips in your daily schedule, approximately a week before, will allow for greater results.

  • Drink More Water
  • Cut Back on Caffeine
  • Eat and Drink More Fruits & Veggies
  • Lean Away From Animal Products
  • Eliminate Processed Foods

During Your Cleanse

Everyone’s experience with a juice cleanse is different, and detox symptoms can vary based on how toxic our bodies are to begin with and how quickly our bodies release these toxins.

  • Stock up on herbal tea
  • Listen to your body
  • Plan wisely
  • Break a sweat (light exercise, hot bath, sauna)
  • Don’t over think it, enjoy it!

After Cleanse 

This is the most important period of your juice cleanse, as your body is sensitive and your digestive system has enjoyed a good break. Remember to treat your body with love and care by allowing it some time when introducing solid food back into your daily routine. It is normal to feel various emotions after a juice cleanse, this is a great time to slow the pace of your daily routine and be gentle to your body.

  • Take it slow
  • Eat raw/steamed vegetables
  • Slowly Reintroduce solid foods and meat products
  • Be gentle


Root Chakra
I know that I am of good health and sound mind. I stand in my strength and in my truth. I love every part of my body. every cell is filled with energy and power. I choose to have thoughts that add to my life, thoughts of love, compassion, harmony and peace.

Sacral Chakra:

I am able to feel all the positive emotions, I embrace them as they allow me to stand in power, I am able to feel all the negative emotions, feelings of fear, anxiousness, doubt and I truly understand what causes them, I accept them as they bring about feelings of joy, dignity and peace as they teach me lessons of growth and truth.

Solar Plexus:
II have the power to manifest my dreams and make my own choices. I use my personal power for good and take full responsibility of my life. I treat myself with respect and persevere through uncertainty by fully stepping into my power. I Commit myself to my goals and make decisions easily.

Heart Chakra:
I am reminded of the unconditional love that I am! I know that I am worth loving. I am who I am and I am proud of who I am! I choose to be surrounded by positive, loving and successful people. I love myself more with each breath that I take and I love unconditionally!

Throat Chakra:

I realize the power of the voice, the power my words emanate, and I choose to always speak my truth. In so doing I allow prosperity to enter my life, my finances, my spiritual growth, physical and emotional body are all taken care of by the divine energies that embrace my life.

Third Eye:
I radiate from my third eye, all negative thoughts that invade my mind are erased. I am able to stand in my power, on my very own strength and support myself. I am in a safe space, which allows me to grow and to embrace my beautiful life. My future is remarkable!

Crown Chakra:
I am pure light and love. I am grateful for all the goodness in my life and I am sure of my inner knowing. I am aware of divine guidance at all times and therefore seek to understand and learn from my life experiences. The All Is One, The One Is All.