Sweet Tooth Care Pack

Short Description:

A collection of teas, treats, jams, spreads and nutty granola to make your momma happy.

Long Description:


A collection of healthy, vegan, gluten and refined sugar-free yums to keep your cravings satisfied during the lockdown. 

Included in the pack are:

- Vegan Nutella: With roasted hazelnuts, vanilla bean, raw cacao and coconut oil. Sugar-free and Vegan baby.

- Blueberry Chia Jam: A sugar-free SUPER fruity blueberry chia pot of heaven.

- 3x Specially made Nourish'd herbal teas: Root and Rise - for grounded morning energy. Berry Bright - for that afternoon pick me up. And Lunar Lullaby - for the sweetest of dreams.

- 1x Pack of our famous nutty gluten-free granola packed with cashews, brazil nuts, almonds and baked in date-syrup to clusterry-crunchy perfection.

- 3x Date balls - Two classic cacao and one matcha lemon.

- 1x Vegan millionaire shortbread with layers of biscuit base, date caramel and 85% dark chocolate.

- 1x Vegan white chocolate, fig and walnut slice topped with pistachios and gojis.