03 Sep: Exploring Essential Oils

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DATE: 03 September 2019

TIME: 6pm - 9.30pm

PLACE: Nourish'd Observatory - 186 Lower Main Rd. Obs

FB EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/490219661556158/

Once reserved for Ancient Egyptian royalty, and used as far back as 3000B.C., essential oils have now become a common occurrence in many modern households.

Whether it was your momma putting lavender under your pillow when you couldn't sleep or using Eucalyptus as an inhalant when you had the flu, many of us have come into contact with essential oils in one way or another, but we've also only scratched the surface of their potential uses.

In an effort to expand our knowledge of these ethereal oils, Nourish'd have Partnered with Ally - An essential oils educator, nutritionist and wellness wonder-womxn to bring you an evening of oily delight.

During this workshop, we will discover how to select, blend and use essential oils as a natural solution to many different ailments, learn about the science and biology behind these miraculous liquids and enjoy a sensory experience with a variety of oils. Participants will also be able to blend their own oil roller to take home with the finest grade certified therapeutic essential oils.

The evening will also include a specially prepared oil-infused vegan dinner, drink and dessert and all guests receive an ebook filled with recipes and oily wisdom as well as a curated gift bag to take home with them.


Ally is an essential oils educator, nutritionist and wellness expert. She is also a high school teacher, a dancer, and an eternal student. Ally fell in love with essential oils and other complementary therapies on her journey towards healing from an autoimmune condition and is passionate about building into others to create true health and wellness.

- A 2 hours workshop on essential oils.
- A welcoming warm drink.
- A nourishing plant-based, essential oil-infused meal.
- An incredible plant-based, refined sugar-free dessert.
- A free essential oils e-book.
- A curated gift bag to take home with you.

- Tickets are R450/pp (Or R800 for two) and include the talk, dinner, dessert, drink and a small gift to take home.
- We've limited the number of people to 25 to make sure that the evening stays intimate so be sure to book fast
- If having issues with ticket purchase please email: sam@nourishd.co.za

We're so looking forward to this fascinating evening of oily delight and can't wait to welcome you into our little café to explore essential oils in all of their majesties.

Nourish'd & Ally