11 June 2019: Conscious Feast with Nourish'd and Julia West

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DATE: 11 June 2019

TIME: 6pm - 9.30pm

PLACE: Nourish'd Observatory - 186 Lower Main Rd. Obs

FB EVENT:  https://www.facebook.com/events/641578659647436/

Health is trending. 

Instagram is a swirl of designer yoga tights and raw-vegan diets.
But while this trend has made healthy, conscious eating popular, many of us still aren't sure what being healthy actually means.

So in order to clear up the confusion Nourish’d have joined forces with Integrative Health Specialist and molecular cell biologist Julia Jean-West for an evening of healing food, relaxation and an introductory talk to conscious eating.

By integrating knowledge across fields of molecular & cell biology, nutrition & health, education, counselling, and mindfulness, Julia promises to revolutionise your understanding of food, your body, and how they interact to facilitate health or promote disease.

Gone are the days of mealtimes being a hurried inconvenience seasoned with shame, confusion, and inadequacy. We are ushering in a new way of eating, marked by vitality, wisdom, and enjoyment.


- Understanding/Redefining Conscious Eating - Integrative Self-Assessment of Health - Cellular Functioning of the Body - Weight, Weight Loss, and the Functions of Fat - Food Additives - Understanding GMO's - Ethical Eating - Intelligent Plant-Based Eating (how to get the right nutrients) - Mindfulness, Gratitude, and Eating as a Spiritual Practice - 


Julia West is an Integrative Health Specialist and Living Systems Thinker.
With formal qualifications in Molecular & Cell Biology (Genetics & Developmental Bio; Microbiology & Biotech) [Wits], Counselling & Interpersonal Skills [LifeLine], and Nutrition & Health [WageningenX], a deep understanding of permaculture and biomimicry systems, and a vast knowledge of Eastern and energetic modalities of healing, Julia has a unique and deeply complementary approach to the creation of health.

Her belief is that the body is an ecosystem, a synergy of mind, body, and emotions and that sustainable health is about how we understand and relate to ourselves as a holistic entity. With experience as an educator and motivational speaker, her talks are captivating and informative. She uses hand-illustrated talk-boards and learning aids to present a fusion of science and spirituality that is without dogma and aims to empower the individual with the knowledge and tools necessary to build a sustainable, joyful life.

You can find more of Julia's work on food and health over at The Alchemic Kitchen.

- A 2 hours introductory talk on and embodied experience of Conscious Eating

- A welcoming warm drink.
- A nourishing plant-based meal.

- An incredible plant-based, refined sugar-free dessert.
- A short summary of the information covered
- A small gift to take home with you.

- Tickets are R450/pp (Or R800 for two) and include the talk, dinner, dessert, drink and a small gift to take home.
- We've limited the number of people to 25 to make sure that the evening stays intimate so be sure to book fast

We're so looking forward to this fascinating evening of foody fun and can't wait to welcome you into the heart of our little café to explore the consciousness of food and eating.

Nourish'd & Julia