23 July 2019: Unearthing Mycelial Medicine with Harmonic Mycology

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DATE: 23 July 2019

TIME: 6pm - 9.30pm

PLACE: Nourish'd Observatory - 186 Lower Main Rd. Obs

Unearthing Mycelial Medicine

The interwoven stories of fungi and humyns are truly ancient and endlessly fascinating. For as long as humyns have lived, we have lived beside the fungi.


We have consumed them as food and medicine, allied with them in the arts of fermentation (beer, bread), and been awe-struck by their capacity to unveil the numinous in shamanic ceremony – enabling the temporary dissolution of humyn concerns and the blossoming of ecological awareness.


In these early days of the 21st Century we have begun to remember the humble intelligence of fungi and to understand their extraordinary capacities for filtration, remediation, fabrication, regeneration and healing. Now, with our climate and planetary ecology in crisis, it is more important than ever to apprentice ourselves to the fungi and learn to actively support the vitality of living systems.


Please join the Nourish’d familia as Andrew from Harmonic Mycology opens up a portal to the Fungal Queendom and leads us down the mycelial path, sharing insights into fungal biology and the ways in which we can integrate medicinal fungi into our lives.


The evening will include:

  • A two-hour talk by Andrew.
  • A two-course, mushroom-themed, dinner including main and desert
  • A medicinal mushroom drink
  • A Mushroom Zine and Mushroom-themed gift bag to take home.
  • A bounty of mycelial wisdom.




Andrew is the Creative Director of Harmonic Mycology and has been an avid amateur mycologist for the past 10 years. When not geeking out on all things fungi, he hangs out in decentralized sociotechnical networks and writes open-source software.





- Tickets are R450/pp (Or R800 for two) and include the talk, dinner, desert, drink and a small gift to take home.
- You can reserve tickets directly from our website.


- Email: sam@nourishd.co.za to secure your place, or make an EFT and forward us the POP.
- We've limited the number of people to 25 to make sure that the evening stays intimate so be sure to book fast

EFT Details:
Standard bank

Andrew is undoubtedly one of the most intelligent and interesting minds working within the eco-scene in Cape Town today, and we are privileged to have him speak in our space. Nourish’d have been passionate about using medicinal mushrooms since our inception and can’t wait to dive more deeply into this topic with you alongside us.

Nourish'd & Andrew