Allergy Ally Tincture

Nourish'd x Aether Collaboration:

While we believe that the foundation of good health lies in a whole-food plant-based diet we’re also advocates of periodic juice and broth fasting and additional elixirs and supplements when required.

Our preferred means of supplementation has always been plant-based extracts. Nature’s medicine cabinet: Herbs, roots, seeds, spices, mushrooms and other botanicals contains a treatment for almost any ailment. However many of these compounds and chemicals are difficult for our bodies to access and breakdown by traditional means – and thus it is necessary to extract them in the form of tinctures.

Aether Herbalist and Apothecary are at the forefront of botanical and fungi extraction in South Africa and once we met them, and learned of the wondrous ways in which they utilizing plant medicines, we knew we had to collaborate. In partnership with their founder Cullen, we have created a range of ten high-potency tinctures which we believe will play an important part in restoring the health of human beings through plant medicine.

What is a tincture?

A tincture is a concentrated extraction of herbs and other natural compounds. Tinctures are an incredible way of ingesting natural medicines as they are extremely bio-available and easily incorporated into daily life. Nourish'd tinctures are made using a dual hydro-ethanol extraction method which delivers maximum potency.

Our Difference:

Not all tinctures are made the same. While there are many methods of extracting the medicinal qualities of plants into ‘potions’ some are definitely better than others. Many tinctures on the market utilize a form of extraction known as the ‘folk’ method. This involves soaking the plant or mushroom material in either alcohol or water for an extended period of time. While this method may draw out a small number of phytochemicals, many are left behind.

Our tinctures are made using an ancient, yet superior, method which extracts almost every trace element from the plant material. This is done by utilizing a lab instrument called a Soxhlet Extractor which essentially runs evaporated ethanol, or water, through the plant-matter over 600 times in four minutes. This process is done with both 99 proof ethanol and water creating both a hydrosol (water extract) and a concentrated alcohol extract. These are then combined and further reduced to create a potent hydro-ethanolic extract/herbal tincture.

About Allergy Ally:

Allergies and hayfever are another two common conditions which plague 10 - 30% of people worldwide. From mild sniffles to more debilitating congestion, rashes and even difficulty breathing the overactive histamine response isn’t a pleasant one. Our allergies and hayfever tincture seeks to address this imbalance by modulating the immune system, reducing inflammation and acting to decongest the airways.

Pine Pollen

  • Supports hormonal balance, which therefore strengthens and upregulates the endocrine system, allowing it to better interact with the immune system to strengthen its response.
  • Antioxidants relieve strain on the immune system by spurring on apoptosis – where the immune cells neutralize pathogens and toxins before they can cause damage to immune cells.


  • A panacea for various common ailments and diseases Tulsi upregulates the entire body, boosting its ability to adapt to environmental stressors such as pollens etc. which can cause allergic reactions
  • Boosts energy levels by assisting the body in using oxygen efficiently.
  • Aids in healing respiratory conditions due to its immunomodulatory, antitussive and expectorant properties.
  • Antibacterial and antifungal action, therefore preventing risk of secondary infections.
  • Known as an anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory adaptogen, providing relief from coughs, trouble when breathing and inflamed sinuses.

Cats Claw

  • Increases levels of white blood cells, combatting risks of infection.
  • Anti-inflammatory effects facilitate a more efficient immune response to allergic reactions/ hay fever.

Camu Camu

  • High in vitamin C which acts as a powerful antioxidant, protecting cells from unstable free radicals.
  • Contains potent compounds known as flavonoid antioxidants, namely anthocyanins and ellagic acid which prevent side effects of oxidative stress.
  • Conditions such as allergies and hay fever can cause inflammation in the body, Camu Camu counteracts this with the antioxidant ellagic acid – shown to inhibit the enzyme which triggers inflammation.


  • Curcumin acts as a decongestant to relieve sinus and lung congestion
  • Has antihistamine properties which aid the body in reducing the overactive histamine response (this is often what causes allergy symptoms)
  • Anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-bacterial
  • When used in conjunction with immunomodulatory herbs as the above it stimulates and strengthens the immunological reaction to clear allergies.


    The recommended dosage for this product is 10 drops three times daily and one bottle should last one month.


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    Could slow blood clotting when used in conjunction with Warfarin

    Could interact with medications which slow blood clotting

    Do not use when using blood thickening or thinning medicine.


    No adverse contraindications have been shown when using these herbs, however, please consult your health care provider if there is a concern and/ or you are on specific medications


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