Rose Gold Eco-Straw

Short Description:

A stainless steel straw coated in rose-gold titanium.

Long Description:

SUSTAINABILITY: It’s estimated that nearly 500 million disposable plastic straws aretossed into landfills every year - that’s enough to fill 127 school buses with plastic straws every single day of the year.  Turning to sustainable materials for reusable straws can prevent tonnes of garbage from polluting our planet.

HEALTH:  Stainless steel straws also have many health benefits when compared to ordinary plastic straws. When you use plastic straws for hot beverages like tea, cocoa, and coffeetoxins leach from the plastic and enter your body, disrupting hormones and causing other negative side effects.

Using a natural straw made from stainless steel eliminates the potential for ingesting chemicals, and you can still use a straw to drink hot - or cold - beverages.

DURABILITY: The hardiness of Stainless steel means that your straw will stay safe wherever you go. This makes them a fabulous alternative to fragile glass.