Nourish'd Loyalty Programs

In our commitment to enhancing your experience and showing appreciation for your loyalty and being a part of the Nourish'd family, we're excited to share insights into our two loyalty programs. Designed to make every purchase count, our in-store and online loyalty program operates on a simple yet powerful principle: create a rewarding Nourish'd journey.


Choose Health Loyalty Program (Online Store)

How It Works:

  1. Earn Points with Every Purchase:

    • When you join our loyalty program, you get 1000 points!
    • For every R1 you spend, you earn 5 loyalty points. Whether you're treating yourself to the latest wellness cleanses, stocking up on essentials, or exploring our meal box collections, every purchase contributes to your loyalty point balance.
  2. Transparent and Straightforward Accumulation:

    • We believe in transparency. Your points accumulate with each transaction and are immediately visible on your account dashboard. No hidden fees, no complicated structures – just a straightforward points-to-spend system.
  3. Redeem Your Points for Real Value: 
    • Your loyalty points are not just numbers; they're your key to unlocking value. For every 100 points accumulated, you can redeem R1 off your next purchase. It's that simple! Your loyalty is now a currency, providing you tangible benefits.

Joining is Easy:

  • Enrolling in our loyalty program is a breeze. Simply sign up by clicking the button below and receive 1000 points! You'll then start earning points from your very first purchase. Your loyalty points will be automatically credited to your account, putting you on the path to unlocking exciting rewards.

At Nourish'd, we believe that your loyalty deserves to be rewarded. Our loyalty program is designed to add extra value to your every purchase, ensuring that your commitment to wellness and nourishment is reciprocated with tangible benefits. So, let the journey to a more rewarding shopping experience begin – where every point tells a story of your loyalty and our appreciation!




In-Store Loyalty Program

At Nourish'd, we believe in making every cleanse count. That's why we're excited to introduce our in-store loyalty program, where your love for our refreshing juices and cleanses translates into a delightful reward. Buy 10 juices and savor the sweet taste of your 11th one absolutely FREE!

Why In-Store Loyalty Matters:

  1. Rewarding Your Refreshing Habits:

    • We understand that staying refreshed and nourished is not just a habit but a lifestyle. With our loyalty program, your commitment to a healthy and hydrating routine is acknowledged and rewarded. It's our way of saying thank you for choosing us to be a part of your journey.
  2. Simple and Transparent Accumulation:

    • Keeping things simple, for every 10 juices you purchase, your 11th one is on the house. No complicated structures, no hidden clauses – just a straightforward way to enjoy the benefits of your loyalty with each visit to our store.
  3. Flexibility for Your Taste Buds:

    • Your free juice isn't restricted to a specific flavor. Feel free to choose your favorite or explore something new – the choice is yours! We want your loyalty to be as diverse and unique as your taste preferences.
  4. Track Your Progress In-Store:

    • Want to know how close you are to your free juice? Our friendly staff is always ready to assist. You can track your progress in-store, ensuring that you never miss out on claiming your well-deserved reward.

How to Get Started:

  • Joining our in-store loyalty program is as easy as ordering your favorite juice. Simply let our staff know that you'd like to participate, and we'll start counting your purchases towards your free treat. Your loyalty card, digitally or physically, will be your ticket to refreshing rewards.

So, the next time you step into Nourish'd, remember that your loyalty is appreciated and rewarded, one sip at a time. Embrace the joy of loyalty and let your taste buds celebrate the delightful perks that come with being a part of our juice-loving family!