Nourish'd took root at the top of Kloof street when our fairy founder Tash returned from the high-seas sailing super-yachts and decided to put her passion for the planet, and hard-earned savings, into action. Although converting her dad's old garage into a bite-sized juicery may have sounded crazy Nourish'd is now one of Cape Town's most popular café's, great trees only start as small seeds after all.


We believe that food and eco-education are the keys creating harmony on our blue-green home. Our mission is to prove that delicious food and successful eateries can be kind to both human and earth body. Ultimately we'd like to see the whole world move over to a plant-based, waste-free lifestyle and we'll keep on serving luscious foodie loving until we get there.


When we first started Nourishd we knew we couldn't sleep soundly at night knowing our little tree was shedding all of its plastic leaves into the ocean. And so we decided to grow a different type of tree, a tree of life. Fuelled by compassion, knowledge and determination we have managed to make sure that our cafés' send absolutely zero waste to landfill. We also put a lot of effort into sourcing local produce and reducing our carbon footprint whenever possible.


If something seems too good to be true, it probably is, and something or someone else is paying the price. We make every effort to make ethical choices in everything that we do; from the producers we source from, practitioners we collaborate with and products we stock, everything we do, is for the highest good of all beings everywhere.


Animal agriculture is the leading contributor to deforestation worldwide and besides the environmental impacts meat-production is one of the cruellest most inhumane industries on the planet and we simply will not support this kind of cruelty. Although we do serve milk and some dairy products they are all ethically sourced from free-roaming cows who receive oodles of love.


Everything at Nourish'd is created with the health of your body and the earth in mind. Whenever possible we choose organic produce sourced directly from local farmers. All of our food, juices and smoothies use strictly natural ingredients with no preservatives or flavourings. We also limit the amount of oil, sugar and wheat we use in the recipes. Whole-food, plant-based eating is the way to go.


Who am I? Natasha, Tash, Tashi, Tasshhhhh call me what you will, I’m a crazy urban hippy trying to save this beautiful blue green earth, one bamboo straw and salad bowl at a time. Through my waste-aware, vegan/vegetarian café’s and social media platforms I’m on a mission to raise awareness about the ecological crisis facing this planet, and what we can do to change things.


Coming from Zimbabwe to Cape Town was pretty tough, I started off working in a hotel and as a bar manager but joining Nourish'd changed everything. It gave me the chance to come out of my shell and really start making friends because everyone was so friendly. I also started eating so much better and now I don't have any indigestion problems or problems sleeping. For me Nourish'd is so much more than a job; it's a family, and it shows in the way that the team don't just work together, we go running, we go dancing, we eat dinner and a whole lot of other things just to make us feel better about life.


Nourish'd was my first job after arriving in Cape Town from Zimbabwe and it has been my absolute saving grace. Before working at Nourish'd I had no idea which foods were healthy and which weren't and now that I've been eating better my skin has cleared up, I've lost weight and I have a bunch more energy and excitement for life. I've also learned so much about cooking, juicing, making smoothies and being creative with food. I absolutely love working for Nourish'd. p.s. You have to try the magic magnito, its the BEST!!!


After overcoming a life-threatening illness a few years ago I became extremely passionate about the power of food to heal our bodies, and the power of meditation, self-compassion and care to heal our minds and souls. I feel so incredibly lucky to have found myself in a working environment where all of these qualities are Nourish'd and pursued with such vigour and positive energy. I feel like I've found a second home here.


Growing up in Malaysia I was always surrounded by my family and friends cooking incredibly fragrant and 'unusual foods'. After I graduated I travelled the world as an air-hostess tasting and experiencing global cuisine and absolutely falling in love with cooking. Later in life I went completely plant-based as I discovered the incredible healing effect it was having on my mind-body and soul. Now I'm on a mission to share this food-medicine with the world and to nurture my family into a team of plant-powered little eco-warriors!


As a young boy I left Polokwane at a very young age to pursue a better life in Cape Town. I was working as a general manager at a warehouse before Nourish'd and this job has transformed me. Since starting here I feel so much better in every way, I have lost weight, I'm no longer sleepy all the time, I've improved my communication and English and I just love life. I also love making people juices and seeing them enjoy them and come back for more. My mind is clearer, and life is better.


I've been working at Nourish'd since the first week when Alfie called me with the opportunity. I have relished the chance to work in an environment so full of life, all of the food and juices have made me feel so much more healthy and the team is just amazing. Nourish'd mind body soul juice bar is just the best place in Cape Town and I can describe the experience in only one word: "AWESOME".


I came to Nourish'd from another juice bar, so I was already aware of the benefits of juicing but it's just allowed me to continue on my journey of healthy eating and living. The team are so awesome to work with and the space is just full of life.


Before Nourish'd I was working at a hotel as a waitress which didn't give me much opportunity to learn. Since coming to Nourish'd and working as an assistant chef I feel like I am learning more every day and it has given me the confidence to say that I finally have some experience and qualification in a good profession. The healthy food has also made a huge difference in my life as I used to be a patient of asthma but Tash encouraged me to take ginger shots a lot and since then it's become much better and I hardly have to use my pump anymore. I love Nourish'd.


I absolutely love working at Nourish'd. I've learnt how to make so many different healthy foods and I feel better than I ever have before in my life. The best thing about the cafe for me is the team I work with, everyone is so friendly and I feel loved every day.


Being a part of the Nourish'd family has given me such an incredible base in Cape Town. Coming from Italy I was struggling to find stability in the city and this little juice bar from heaven has given me all that and more. It's also helped me to eat way more healthy, finding alternatives for the large number of animal products I was eating back home. I'm so grateful to be a part of this team pursuing such a noble mission.


Before coming to Nourish'd I was a waitress and ran a fruit and veg business on the side. This little slice of plant-based paradise has truly changed my life. I've learnt so much about vegan and vegetarian food and I have never felt healthier in my life. My life is super amazing now that l am part of Nourish’d team. I can't thank Tash enough. Having a boss that is so supportive is the best thing that has ever happened to me in a while.


My name is bruce Rayi from the Eastern Cape. I am a professional barista and barman. Nourish'd has taught me so much about different vegan food and about living a healthy lifestyle. I love the experiences I have talking to customers. Nourish'd is one of the best restaurants that I have ever worked in, and I think in 5years to come it's going to be a big name. It's unique and different that is why I'm glad to be part of it. Thanks to Rochelle for bringing me into this great team


After moving over to a plant-based diet I felt that I had rediscovered myself, and the almost romantic relationship between plants and human biology. Food went from being a mundane daily task to my greatest source of energy and fulfilment. Getting to work in an environment where all of these miraculous medicines are given the full respect they deserve is incredibly inspiring. I find myself feeling more at home in Nourish'd every time, the team are quickly becoming my family and the laughs and love we get to share while creating such meaningful change are to be cherished for the rest of my life.


My name is Monica mbeteni. I am from the Eastern Cape in a rural area called Komani. I came to Cape Town a long time ago. In my previous work, I was working surf n fries in century city as a kitchen assistant. I started working in nourished in April of 2019. Since then I have gained a lot of knowledge about cooking and healthy lifestyle. I love working here because it's a very nice environment and an exciting place to be. Every day we get to experience new things.


After spending years in the experiential event/marketing industry with my previous company BrandRocket, I struggled to find a space that offered the interactive and involved experience I'd been looking for. I feel blessed to have this opportunity to branch into another path full of new experiences and lessons. The Nourish'd team are as magical as can be and it's the best fun being able to sprinkle joy into others lives one smile at a time.


I fell in love with Nourish’d the very first time I ever visited it, and thought to myself “how amazing would it be to work here?” ...Fast forward a few years later, my dream came true! I’m so grateful to work with such an incredible team, in a space that’s given me the opportunity to combine my passion for graphic design, food, healthy living, content creation and photography. Being part of the Nourish’d familia feels like magic to me.


As a professional artisan barista and smoothie and juice maker, working at Nourish'd is a blessing. I love to express my talent through my latte art and smoothies made with love. The Nourish'd team is amazing. Tash is a very supportive boss, she pays for me to attend coffee workshops and latte art classes and I really really appreciate that, thank you Tash. I will tell you one thing "Do what you love, love what you do".


I started working at Nourished prior to the end of October 2018. Previously I worked at Orchard Juice & Healthy Bar along Long Street in Cape Town. I also worked at The Fresh Healthy Bar at Cape Quarter, Cape Town. Nourish'd Mind & Soul is taking a healthy lifestyle to another level, beyond what I ever brainstormed. It has a wide range of healthy dishes & delicious beverages. I love the way Nourish'd operates. Everything flows systematically. I have learned way more about how to give customer service here. This experience has even improved me miles in relation to public relations.