02 August 2022 - Expanding Vitality: Nervous System Health

DATE: Tuesday 02 August 2022

TIME: 6.30pm - 8pm

PLACE: Nourishd Obs Store, 186 Lower Main Road

BRING: Yoga Mat, Pen, Jersey, Cushion & Blanket


An evening workshop on nourishing and strengthening our nervous system through nutritional means. This transmission will bring a deeper innerstanding on how to make simple changes in life that will sustain the balance needed for everyday living. This information could assist you and your body on your embodiment journey. Quality of life is determined by our Nervous Systems’ ability to connect to its surroundings. We can support and increase this ability through simple nutritional Truths shared in this workshop. The more embodied we are, the more integrated the connection is with our reality. A strong connection creates a deeper and more integrated life experience. 


This ceremony includes:

- An opening of sacred space to honour the medicine of ixCacao
- A guided meditation to bring us present and in our bodies to fully receive the medicine of ixCacao
- Drinking of the sacred Cacao elixir
- Receive the transmission of the evening while enjoying the sensations of the Cacao elixir
- A guided embodiment meditation to journey with the Medicine. Receiving healing and insight through the meditation
- A moment to come back to the present to journal and reflect on your inner journey. What healing or insights did you receive from this evening? What feelings did you feel?
- A closing prayer of praise to the medicine of ixCacao and to end off the evening
- A4 Journaling page

No. Of People

Please note: If you choose to collect at checkout then your cleanse will be ready to collect by 8.30am and must be collected before 9am on the start date. If you choose to receive delivery then your cleanse will be delivered between 4pm & 6pm the day before you’re set to start.

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