17 March 2020: Witchy Womxns' Circle - Supporting the Sisterhood

No. Of People

DATE: 17 March 2020

TIME: 6pm - 9.30pm

PLACE: Nourish'd Observatory - 186 Lower Main Rd. Obs

For centuries women have been made to feel less than: Industries have profited off our insecurities and beauty standards have become increasingly ridiculous and impossible to attain. Our culture encourages us to compare and compete with one another, rather than support and nurture our collective empowerment.

This is all changing! We are rising and realising that it is through the sisterhood and coming together in circle that we can find wholeness and healing for the feminine.

Nourish'd has always been a space where womxn can come together and find safety and support in community and so it's our privilege to be holding yet another womxn's circle in our space.


* A brief talk on HER-STORY (the ancient tales of the Red Tent/ Moon Lodges and why women’s circles are so important)

* Sharing in a safe container - allowing ourselves to be seen and heard without judgement. All of you is welcome! A time to share in our struggles and common experiences.

* Delicious cacao & light snacks

* Q&A with Annette regarding anything from witchcraft, infusions and blood mysteries to embodiment and Moon Lodges.


Annette Müller is a Green Witch, Embodiment Guide & women's circle facilitator who is committed to the awakening and empowerment of women. She has been holding monthly New Moon Lodges since returning to Cape Town from NYC where she completed her apprenticeship as a Green Witch. Her ongoing journey of healing has taken her around the world, from Eastern practices of yoga & Reiki to indigenous wisdom in the Amazon jungle until finally finding her roots in the Wise Woman approach to healing. She believes our power lies in our coming home to the body and reconnecting to the natural world. 




- Tickets are R250/pp (Or R400 for two) and include the talk, circle, cacao and snacks.
- We've limited the number of people to 20 to make sure that the evening stays intimate so be sure to book fast

Nourish'd & Annette