Juicy Juice Care Pack



Due to lockdown, we have had to switch from our regular glass to biodegradable corn-starch bottles. These are fully compostable and we have written an entire blog about them HERE. They are also 30ml less than our regular 375ml which equates to a R4 cost. We have however not lowered the cost of our cleanses due to increasing supply costs, and the fact that we are offering free delivery. We hope that you can understand.

Short Description:

A selection of Nourish'ds favourite juices for you to enjoy during the lockdown. Choose between your favourite flavour or a variety pack option.

Long Description:

Cold-pressed juices are an incredible way to get in bio-available minerals and nutrients in an easy to digest and consume, way.

The flavours we have available during the lockdown are:

  • Happy Hippy (kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, lemon, ginger) - Incredible anti-inflammatory, packed with anti-oxidants, alkalising for the gut and deeply hydrating.

  • Glow and Flow (orange, apple, ginger, basil, chilli, cayenne pepper) - A delicious immune-boosting dose of vitamin C complimented by the detoxifying and decongestant properties of chilli and cayenne pepper.

  • Feelin' Da Beet of My Heart (beetroot, apple, cucumber, carrot, ginger, mint, lemon) - Beneficial for heart health, improves circulation and provides a wide range of micronutrients and beneficial enzymes.

You can choose to order your favourite flavour or the variety pack option. All juices are made for dispatch the day before, maintaining the integrity of the phytochemicals and preventing oxidation.


All juices will arrive on the start date you select above and will be delivered by our inhouse driver who will be following stringent hygiene procedures.