5 Reasons to do the Nourish’d Juice Fast

18 55, 2018 3 min read

5 Reasons to do the Nourish’d Juice Fast

The nostalgic notion of ‘Juice’ as a sweetened orange syrup children sip in sugar-laden delight is a far-stretch from the nutrient-packed vegetable elixirs of longevity that now populate health-food stores and juice-bars around the world. If you’ve ever visited one of our two stores, you probably noticed that we at Nourish’d LOVEour juice, we have whole fridges full of the refreshing stuff! 12 juices and 6 power-shots to be exact, and we’re coming up with new ideas every single day.

Although you might have quenched your thirst with the occasional ‘happy hippy’ or ‘green goddess’ you may not know that we also offer 1, 2 or 3 day juice fasts to kick-start your bodies natural healing process, recharge your mind and repair your gut. What’s more our juice fasts are completely waste-free, as we only use glass bottles and offer you a store-voucher if you return them, meaning you get even more bang for your buck.

In this post we’re going to touch on five of the miraculous benefits of juice-fasting. There’s no better way to rejuvenate your life than with juice.

1. Give your Gut a Break

For hundreds of thousands of years our ancestors would be forced to fast. No cold-storage, changing seasons and a lack of prey meant that our guts and bodies would get regular opportunities to rest and recharge as the digestive system would shut-down and energy would be redirected to healing other parts of the anatomy. Fasting is a great way to mimic this ancient process. Not only are you giving the digestive system a break but you’re flooding it with bioavailable nutrients that can be absorbed directly into the stomach lining. This is the reason why juice-fasts have proven hugely beneficial to those suffering with leaky-gut syndrome.

2. Reduce Inflammation and Heal Disease

Chronic lifestyle-related conditions such as diabetes and heart-disease are quickly becoming the biggest killers on earth. These conditions and many others including eczema, rheumatoid arthritis and asthma are all related to elevated levels of inflammation. Raw vegetable juice is super-high in antioxidants which bind to free-radicals and reduce inflammation within the entire body system. One of the most inspiring movies that showcases these miraculous healing benefits is Super Juice Me which tracks the progress of 8 people with 22 different health conditions on a 28-day juice fast.  

3. Increased Energy

The decreased energy required by the digestive system combined with the flood of easily-absorbable nutrition provided by the wide range of fruits and veggies in the Nourish’d juice cleanse means that you’ll probably experience a welcomed increase in energy and vibrancy throughout and after your cleanse. Although everyone’s fasting process is different and some may experience detox-symptoms and troubles adjusting to a liquid-diet, after pushing past that initial mind-body resistance we promise that you’ll be flying on phytonutrients!

4. Lose Weight

A fast is a great way to kick-start your healthy-eating routine. As the elixirs of longevity cleanse and nourish your gut, the bad-bacteria will no longer be able to survive in an environment where they are denied their favourite junk-foods. This new-found balance will decrease sugar cravings and you may even find yourself lusting after kale instead as your healthy bacteria flourish.

5. Clarity Of Mind

We often underestimate the effect of the foods we eat on our thought-processes and overall mood. It’s pretty obvious that McDonald’s doesn’t make your body = mind feel fantastic but what about raw freshly pressed fruit and vegetable juice? The clean-energy provided by these bountiful beverages will leave you with an equally clean-mind and the fact that you don’t have to worry about cooking for 1-3 days helps a lot too.

Although these are by no means the only benefits of juice fasting, they cover the major bases. If you’re intrigued about how juice fasting can help you or would like to know more about the Nourish’d cleanses please visit our online shop or send us an email at: manager@nourishd.co.za . Our cleanses include a variety of 6 fresh juices a day as well as a cleanse-manual explaining the whole process in easy-to-follow detail and the exact benefits of each delicious, handmade elixir. Whether you’re someone struggling with chronic health conditions or you just want to kick-start your healthy-living regime we’d be super excited to take this journey together.