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A cleanse is a period where you stop eating solid foods and replace them with fresh-pressed juices or vegetable broths. You also stop consuming caffeine, alcohol, and any other toxins like cigarettes.


When drinking plant-based juices or broths, you remove all of the fiber your body normally has to breakdown to access the nutrients inside. This gives your gut a break from hard digestive work while still providing plenty of nutrition. Your body redirects this energy towards healing instead of digesting, cleanses the colon of any stuck particles, and floods the system with antioxidants.


Heal the Gut: Juicing/drinking broth reduces energy required by digestion and floods your system with bioavailable nutrients, giving the gut a chance to heal.

Reduce Inflammation and Heal Disease: Fresh vegetable juice/broth is super high in antioxidants. These bind to free radicals, reducing inflammation and healing disease.

Increased Energy: Since your body spends less energy digesting your food, you will have an increased feeling of energy in your body and mind.

Lose Weight: Cleansing is a great way to kick-start a healthy eating regime. The juicing period starves any bad bacteria of their favorite junk foods, leading to reduced cravings post-cleanse.

Clarity of Mind: The mind-body connection has been heralded by healing practitioners throughout the ages. A fasting period leaves your mind feeling clear and collected.

Improvement in Mood and Overall Wellbeing: Besides these very specific benefits, cleansing has an overall positive effect on every level of mind-body-soul health. It increases emotional satisfaction, reduces stress, and rejuvenates energy.


Carefully Curated Programs: Nourish’d carefully crafts the perfect blend of cleanses to balance and restore a body in distress.

The Best Juicing Methods: Nourish’d only uses masticating juicers and cold-press mechanisms in our production process to maximize nutritional potential and reduce excess oxidization.

Zero Preservatives, Fresh Products:Nourish'd makes all our juices the evening before they are used, and doesn't add any preservatives.

Local/Organic Sourcing: Nourish'd sources the wide range of fruits and veggies as locally as possible. Many come from the Phillipi Horticultural area only 20km away. We also acquire pesticide and GMO-free produce whenever it’s available.

Zero-Waste:Nourish'd cleanses are entirely waste-free. We compost all of the pulp leftover from the juicing process, deliver the cleanse in cardboard, and package our juices in glass. We do this so you can be sure that you’re protecting the planet while healing yourself. It’s no good having an abundance of nutrients if the oxygen around us if filled with CO2.


Hydrate: Water is life and acts as a natural detoxifier and alkalizing-agent. Try to drink at least 3 liters of water a day before, during, and after the cleanse. This will help to flush out the toxins released throughout the detoxification process.

Eat Plant-Based: Meat is extremely hard for our digestive systems to break down. The majority of animal products are saturated with antibiotics and other toxic compounds. We recommend that you reduce or eliminate your consumption of animal products before and after the cleanse.

Limit Alcohol Intake:As you probably know from the feeling after a night-out, alcohol is super toxic. Some, like 100% agave tequila, are better than others, but you should generally avoid alcohol before and after your cleanse.

Limit Caffeine Intake: Coffee is extremely acidic and in large quantities can wreak havoc on your digestive system. If you’re super addicted, try opting for low-acid cold brew alternatives for the duration of the cleanse process.

Eat More Raw Fruits and Vegetables: You’re about to consume a lot of raw food, so it’s important to acclimatize your body to more easily digest the juices.

Eliminate Processed Food: Wholefood plant-based is the way to go. Try to eliminate all processed foods before and after your cleanse. Also, try to avoid eating processed plant foods such as oil.

Reduce Consumption of Gluten: Gluten notoriously clogs up your colon and is not something you want to consume before a cleanse. Try opting for gluten free alternatives such as legume-based pasta and rice cakes or gluten-free bread.


All juices will be ready to collect by 8.00am and must be collected before 10am. Please understand we are extremely busy in the mornings and really appreciate it when you collect before the mad rush hits.

  • Deliveries will be made between 4pm and 6pm the day before you are scheduled to start. Your delivery driver will WhatsApp you the morning before to ensure you are home to receive the order.
  • For longer cleanses, juices must be collected/will be delivered every 3 days, as we don’t use any preservatives. We do this to ensure juices don’t oxidize as much, guaranteeing maximum nutritional integrity.
  • Please bring your own bag to collect the juices.
  • It is imperative that you begin the cleanse on the day it is collected/delivered. Juices contain no preservatives and will go bad if left in the fridge for more than 2-days.

One-Day Cleanse:

  • Collect any day expect Sundays before 8am.

Three-Day Cleanse:

  • Collect day one before 8am – 12 juices.
  • Collect day three before 8am – 6 juices.

Five-Day Cleanse:

  • Collect day one before 8am – 12 juices.
  • Collect day three before 8am – 12 juices.
  • Collect day five before 8am – 6 juices.

Seven-Day Cleanse:

  • Collect day one before 8am – 12 juices.
  • Collect day three before 8am – 12 juices.
  • Collect day five before 8am – 12 juices.
  • Collect day seven before 8am - 6 juices.

Ten-Day Cleanse:

  • Collect day one before 8am – 12 juices.
  • Collect day three before 8am – 12 juices.
  • Collect day five before 8am – 12 juices.
  • Collect day seven before 8am – 12 juices.
  • Collect day nine before 8am – 12 juices.


Can I consume anything else during the cleanse?

YES, we highly encourage you to drink herbals teas and plenty of water during your cleanse. You may also want to drink a few clear vegetable broths if you’re craving some salty-savory flavors.

Can I eat during my cleanse?

While we don’t recommend eating during the cleanse, you must listen to your body. If you start feeling dangerously weak or light-headed, it’s totally fine to have a few cooked vegetables or a piece of fruit. It’s like yoga; you need to find the line between stretching your limits and suffering.

Will I get hungry during my cleanse?

Yes, you will most certainly feel hungry during the cleanse. Luckily the hunger tends to come in waves and lasts no more than 30 minutes at a time. It’s a fascinating process to watch the sensations come and go, realizing how often and easily you give into food cravings when you don’t actually need to eat. If the hunger is becoming unbearable, we recommend drinking a cup of tea or having a shot of apple cider vinegar in water. Both will help to suppress an insatiable appetite.

Will I be able to work?

Yes. Many of our clients do cleanse while working their normal 9-5’s. However, it’s better to choose a quieter time to fast as you may find yourself feeling less energetic and more prone to irritability.

Can I exercise while cleansing?

Yes. In fact, we recommend light exercise while cleansing to help clear toxins. You may not be able to do your ordinary sweat-1000, but a relaxed jog is reasonable.

Will I experience detox symptoms?

Maybe. If you’re already eating a healthy diet, the detoxification symptoms should be minimal. If you do not, then you may experience headaches, irritability, nausea, and frequent bowel movements while cleansing. These symptoms are particularly prevalent if you have any addictions to substances such as nicotine or caffeine. Try to keep in mind that you’re purging toxic build-up and that you’ll feel a million times better at the end.


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