We should all know by now that catering your own event is a flat out bad decision; after countless hours of prep time and mountains of dishes you still end up missing half the party because Stacey wants a gluten-free wrap and you've only ordered wholewheat... If you're still living in blissful ignorance, then we suggest you keep it that way by allowing our amazing team to titillate your taste buds on your special day. From weddings to birthdays, holidays and bahdmitsva's we've got you covered with smoothies, juices and plant-based yumminess that will leave you drooling down your dress. Fill in the form below and we'll email you back with a quote x p.s. men can wear dresses too


An increasing amount of research is emerging on the benefits of health and happiness on productivity, and what better way to treat your team than with a nourishing meal of plant-based love? From staff parties to team-building or just pick-me-up lunches for over-worked-employees, Nourish'd is here to make all of your foodie dreams come true. Fill in the form below with your catering requirements and we'll email you back with a quote x


From yoga to dance, permaculture, corporate wellness and all things inbetween. We cherish the opportunity to cater for you and your guests on retreat.

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