Bio-bottles to help keep our business afloat

21 29, 2020 3 min read

Bio-bottles to help keep our business afloat

Hey everyone,

Hope that you're safe, and breathing deeply and being gentle with yourself.

While we briefly touched on the change from glass to bio-plant-bottles in a previous mailer, the system has evolved in some positive ways and we thought it important to give this issue the space it deserves as it's something so close to the Nourish'd heart.

We've always been unyielding in our decision to package all of our products in glass, no matter the cost. Yet the extreme financial pressure of lockdown has forced our hand. 

Please read the two sections below to learn about why we were unable to continue using glass, and the alternative solution we have come up with.

We value every little bit of support.
Love, Tash & the Nourish’d Familiá xx

Our Dedication To Glass

From the very beginning, we have used glass bottles as part of a closed-circle use and return system. 

For us, glass always seemed like the only truly sustainable solution in a sea of confusing and unproven alternatives.

While the costs may have been high, we were willing to absorb them in service to our planet and it's people. 

Three key things happened in the last two-months which made this even more challenging:
#1 - We went into lockdown and had to close our stores, cutting off the majority of our cash flow.
#2 - We were unable to accept bottle returns due to the contamination risk this posed.
#3 - Our bottle supplier and printer shut down, and has since opened up with a price increase due to the elevated costs of imports.
These three factors combined forced us to seek alternative solutions. And while it's very bitter-sweet, we are excited by the result of our endeavours.

In the spirit of transparency we share the email from our supplier below:

The Solution: Bio Bottles

Funnily enough, just before the beginning of lockdown, we were approached by an incredible local company who produce bottles made from plant-based plastics derived from sugarcane.

They break down in 6-weeks in a commercial composting facility (or well-maintained home compost), have been scientifically proven to do so and have been personally tested by 2 organic waste plants in Cape Town with incredible results.
The lid of the bottle is recyclable PET plastic #1 and we're imploring our customers to recycle these or return them to us, and we will do so for you.

Recently our supplier also overjoyed us with the news that they would personally collect and responsibly compost every single bottle purchased by a Nourish'd customer. 
So, save up your bottles for a few weeks, give them a call on 021 911 1085 and they will make it happen. See their email below:

The size of these bottles is 30ml less than usual (330ml), which equates to a R4 cost. We are however leaving prices across all our products the same - to account for rising supply costs and the weakening rand. We also hope that by offering free delivery on all orders that we can make up for it.

Again, this wasn't easy, and it's only TEMPORARY, bear with us and we'll be back to nude-juice and beachy days in no time.
To end we want to say thank you for all of the support that's come flooding in since our post on Sunday evening. Customers slowing down as they pass the store to send us a smile or shout "we're ordered Nourish'd every night this week!"

It's you who are keeping us going right now and we are endlessly grateful. Keep flowing and growing peeps, it's always darkest before the dawn.

- Tash & The Nourish’d Familia