Five Zero-Waste Businesses Rocking it in Cape Town

11 43, 2018 3 min read

Five Zero-Waste Businesses Rocking it in Cape Town

We’re just over half way through Zero-Waste July and our fairy-founder Tash has taken off to BOOM festival, earth-friendly food-utensils in hand, to go and spread some Nourishing love in Portugal. Inspired by her eco-warrior ways, this week we’re bringing you 5 amazing businesses you can use to live zero-waste in Cape Town. Although zero-waste living may have started with turtles tugging on your heart-strings, you’ll soon see how much more present and connected you feel after you start thinking consciously about your consumption. Check out our last petrifying post on landfills to discover why you should be trying to live zero-waste.

#1 RecycleFirst – Door to Door Recycling Service

RecycleFirst is a recycling company that offers weekly and bi-weekly recycling collection from your doorstep. Nourish’d has been using their services for ages and they’ve always been friendly, understanding and on time. Simply separate your waste into: Plastic, Glass, Paper and Metal/cans, enter your address and, voila, you’ve drastically reduced your carbon footprint in 5 easy steps. RecycleFirst is also super reasonably priced with bi-weekly pick-ups costing as little as R80 per month. Come on guys, this one really is a no-brainer.

#2 YWaste – Compost Collection

YWaste is the easy urban answer to complex composting systems. Customers can either choose to make regular drop-offs at its Tokai location or have the couriers collect from their door. By using the bad-ass Bokashi method of composting the company is able to break-down all manner of food waste, not just plant-based scraps, turning them into nutritious soil which can be fed back to the earth. Contact YWaste to receive a unique quote and waste-management plan designed around your specific needs.

#3 Food Lovers Market – Waste Free Shopping

We are SO excited about this next entry because it’s an amazing indication that big-brands are hopping aboard the zero-waste train. Food Lovers Market announced in March that it was committing to reducing its waste in any way possible. After partnering with Zero Waste Journey in SA it realised that consumers wanted more bulk goods with less packaging. This means that you can now find staples like oats, rice, chickpeas, lentils etc. in its dispensers! The stores are also encouraging customers to bring their own containers that get weighed before they are filled up and cardboard boxes are used to parcel all your yumminess at the checkouts.

#4 Faithful to Nature

If you haven’t yet heard of Faithful to Nature you’re seriously missing out. This online health store of organic amazingness offers a host of waste-free products and packaging options, allowing you to get your online shopping fix in a guilt-free fashion. We’re in love with their natural kitchen accessories, cooking has never been so much fun or so earth-friendly.

organic vegetables cape town

#5 Organic Zone – Organic Waste Free Everything!

This huge organic store on the border of Lakeside and Muizenberg offers a massive range of food, beauty, homecare and medicinal products. It packages all its food in ‘plastic’ made with plant cellulose, consciously refuses products with excess packaging and a huge percentage of its goods are organic <3

So, that’s a wrap (gluten-free of course ;)! We hope you’ve enjoyed our journey through this small collection of businesses and implore you to try living zero-waste, even if it’s just for a week. With all these amazing options available it’s a lot easier than you might think.