Hello and Welcome

11 01, 2018 2 min read

Hello and Welcome

Hello and welcome, fellow plant-eaters, to the first instalment of Nourish’d’s adventure into the blogosphere.

The growth of our second branch in Observatory has proved there’s an ever-increasing demand for plant-based information. More and more Capetonians are waking up to the amazing benefits this lifestyle has to offer, for themselves and for the planet.

This blog is here to provide the info so many people are looking for. Because we’re not always in-store to chat to customers, this platform will serve as a portal into our world.

The transformation Nourish’d has gone through in the last few years has been astonishing, and we’re still growing and learning every day. All of this knowledge is just too good not to share, so here are some of the things you can expect from us in the coming months:

Recipes: From Nourish’d rainbow bowls and chocolate mousse to vegan cheese and smoothies from heaven … we’ll be including regular how-to guides that will bring Nourish’d right into your own home.

Plant-based lifestyle advice: If the whole world went vegan tomorrow, carbon-food emissions would drop by 70% and we would save 56 billion animal lives a year. We want to help provide the support and information you need to make this change.

Zero-waste living: It’s no good eating plants the whole time if they’re wrapped up in sea-turtle-strangling plastic. We’ll be sharing advice on how you can start moving towards a waste-free-lifestyle, and all of the benefits this brings.

Zoom-ins on the power plants: There are so many unusual and exciting ingredients hidden away among our dishes. We’ll be taking a closer look at the magical plants that make-up your plate and all of their healing wonders.

Mia Familia: The team of downright-delicious people who have helped turn the Nourish’d dream into a reality is worth a closer look, and we can’t wait to introduce them.

Conscious-collaborations: If we want to help this movement to flourish we have to collaborate with one another, so we’ll be sharing all of the storesproductseventsrecipes and people that get our glitter going.

Self-luuurve: Life can be hard sometimes, and no matter how many sprouts or celery sticks you eat, there are days when food just doesn’t cut it. We’ll be sharing tips and tricks to keep you loved-up through sunshine and cloudy days, including yoga, meditation, exercise and enigmatic-elixirs. (Hint: It’s mostly to do with chocolate.)