Not all Juice is Made the Same

15 33, 2019 3 min read

Not all Juice is Made the Same

Summary – The Journey of Juice:

Methods:  We only use slow-masticating, cold-press methods to create all of our juicy blends.

Bottling: We bottle all of our juices in reusable glass jars, for the sake of your health and the wellbeing of the planet.

Preservatives: We don’t use preservatives in our products, so we make them fresh every day.


Intro - Juice Baby:

Juice has come a long way since the sugar-laden days of orange and litchi chin-dripping-childhood. Since people starting catching on to the incredible benefits of fresh-pressed veggie juices in the early 2000s, the world has seen an explosion of juice-based-innovation (I’m probably going to use the word juice waaaay too many times in this blog). So much so, that even peering into this vast wormhole of information can be overwhelming and exhausting.

 Unfortunately, not all juice is made the same. So it seriously pays off to be aware of which juice products you should be choosing for the sake of your health, and the health of the planet. Luckily, Nourish’d have been in this game a while now, and through hours of research, interviews with other juicy-babes and plenty of trial and error we’ve discovered the absolute best way to make the juice of your dreams. In this post, we explain the methods we use to squeeze every last drop of liquid nutrition out of our incredible fresh fruit and veg, how we package and naturally preserve the final product and how we deal with all the waste in an earth-friendly way.

Juicing Methods– Masticating/Cold-Pressing:

Although we can’t reveal exactly how we process our raw-veggie elixirs however we will say that Nourish’d only use slow-masticating and cold-press methods of juicing. What this means is that our juices are exposed to minimal oxygen on their journey from farm to bottle, reducing nutrient-loss through oxidation. It also means that the fresh liquid is never exposed to heat, preserving the natural living enzymes. Our variety of different custom-made-machines and methods also means that each piece of produce is squeezed to perfection, extracting maximum nutrition from its cells.


Post-Production - Glass Bottling and (no) Preservatives:

After we’ve brought together all of the finest fresh produce from around the city and juiced it in the best possible way, it’s time to package. This is where many juice brands take shortcuts, such as using plastic bottles and preservatives, to ensure longer shelf life and lower costs. Due to our commitment to harmonious health, both within and without, Nourish’d bottle all of our juices in glass with zero preservatives. Being uncompromising on these core values also means we make our juices fresh every evening, and you’ll never buy a Nourish’d juice which is more than two days old. After processing all of the leftover pulp is either used in our baked goods, or sent to compost, providing incredible plant-based nutrition for you, and the earth.


We seriously pride ourselves on the quality of our juice, the methods we use and the way we serve our products. We would love to see a world of healthy, vibrant human beings living in harmony with the Earth, our only home. And that is why we will continue to juice in this way until we find one better!

Much love everyone,

The Nourish’d Familia xx