Sacred Sisters Retreat

18 21, 2018 3 min read

Sacred Sisters Retreat

Presented by Nourish’d and Chloe Yoga

In Hindu cosmology the universe is created and sustained by the marriage of two primal forces; Shiva and Shakti. Shiva represents the force of masculinity, he is the space between form, the silence which holds all of life in divine embrace. Shakti is feminine the energy of love which manifests infinite forms of light into this empty space. It is in the balance of these two forces that harmony is maintained. This delicate dance of masculine-feminine magic is ongoing in each and every being, male and female, that is lucky enough to enjoy this miracle of life. However in the last few thousand years the force of Shiva has overstepped his divine counterpart, causing the catastrophic rise of consumerism and destruction of our mother earth. So the time has come for the feminine to rise again…

By now we’re all familiar with the ways in which women are discriminated against and abused in our society. Lower wages, unrealistic body expectations, cat-calls, undermined basic human rights, sexualisation, sexual-abuse, objectification and patronisation, the list goes on… Luckily the world seems to be shifting in radical new ways. The rise of the divine feminine can be seen all across the globe, from movements like #MeToo, red-tents re-emerging at festival grounds and the celebration of a woman’s natural moon-cycle. It is clear that woman are ready to unite against the patriarchal oppression that has limited and silenced them, and one way they’re doing this is through sister-circles.

“For ages women have been gathering to heal their wounds, share their stories, pass down the mysteries of womanhood and support one another”
-Redefining Sisterhood

The transformation that takes place when woman come together in openness and vulnerability is profound. We all know how valuable a caring-heart can be in those moments we’re really struggling, and how the love of another can often help us to open to those parts of ourselves we’ve been struggling to hold. Sister circles embody this place of deep compassion and acceptance, where women are free to express and feel the full spectrum of their humanness without judgement. This space facilitates deep healing which is vitally necessary if we’re going to progress and evolve as individuals and as a collective, and so Nourish’d and Chloe Yoga are incredibly grateful to be holding our first Sacred Sisters Retreat. This will be a chance to come-home to our bodies, relax into vulnerability and celebrate our potential as woman.

“Without receiving genuine sisterhood, we remain girls. Competing with our sisters and endeavouring to reach an idealised version of perfection that is impossible to reach”
-Redefining Sisterhood

Through daily yoga-practice with a specific focus on releasing stress and healing the womb Chloe from Chloe Yoga will guide us gently back into our bodies as we learn to love the parts of ourselves that we’ve been taught to hide and disguise. Our body is our true home of presence in this world, awake and alive with feelings and sensations. When we become overwhelmed by stress and fear our body often stores that energy which manifests in tension, tightness and diss-ease. Yoga teaches us to breathe and be with our moment-to-moment experience with compassion and kindness, letting go of old reactive patterns and releasing energetic blockages from our meridians and muscles. The retreat will be an amazing opportunity to drop-in to the full power of bodily awareness through yoga, meditation and relaxation.

This practice will be supported by delicious plant-based food prepared by Tash, the owner of Nourish’d, including smoothie-bowls, raw juices and fresh organic salads. Participants will also be introduced to the fundamentals of a plant-based lifestyle and all of the wondrous benefits it can have in supporting balance in the body. These elements will be combined with a creative flower-mandala process, talks on embodying the divine feminine and open-sharing circles which will facilitate the release of that which does not serve and an embracing of the essence of womanhood that dances in each and every heart.

The retreat will take place at a luxury eco-lodge in Baardskeedersbos which offers seclusion, off-the-grid calm, a hot-tub overlooking the valley and plenty of space for silence and relaxation. We have limited the number of attendants to 10 in order to create an intimate environment and provide one-on-one attention and guidance. We are incredibly blessed to be offering a retreat so close to our own hearts and we can’t wait to welcome you to this deeply healing, special place.

The retreat will be taking place from the 24th-26th August 2018.
For bookings or further details on pricing please visit the Facebook Page or contact: / 0836881819

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