Tash's Story and Nourish'd Roots

Who am I?

Natasha, Tash, Tashi, Tasshhhhh call me what you wish. I’m a crazy urban hippy trying to save this beautiful blue-green earth one bamboo straw and salad bowl at a time.

I grew up in the back of my dad's pizzeria (Bacini's on Kloof) and surrounded by the love of food. After working in the soulless superyacht industry for four years, I reached my breaking point after I was forced to cut up 50 of the freshest, most beautiful orchids simply because the owner of the boat didn't like the colour.

I ran away to an eco-village in Costa Rica to do my 260hr yoga teaching training and live on a permaculture farm. I later returned to Cape Town in the hopes of making a real difference and finding my purpose in the world. I started managing my dad’s restaurant and doing a GetSmarter business course at the same time, but I felt like I needed more.


One day while I was searching for something in my dad’s storage garage, I realized it was full of trash an idea began unfurling in my mind: what if I could turn this garage into a tiny cafe that embodied all of the principles I had learnt in Costa Rica?

Out of this initial spark sprouted Nourish’d, a bite-sized juice bar in the heart of the city. Since then, my little plant-child has grown into the most delicious fruit tree in the whole damn world, bearing blossoms of plant-based abundance with two branches and many more leaves.

Through my waste-aware, vegan/vegetarian café’s and social media platforms, I’m on a mission to raise awareness about the ecological crisis facing this planet and what we can do to create change.

Thank you to everyone who has supported my passion to save this beautiful planet. I am so grateful.

Love, Tash xx