Broth Cleanse

YAY! Welcome to your broth cleanse

--Gut healing cleanse let’s go! --

Here you will find the schedule and I hope you downloaded our cleanse attachment. You can follow the same principles as the juice fast just with a different schedule

Broth cleanses have medicinal qualities and cleansing properties. They are super mineralizing and alkalizing to the body. They give the digestive system an opportunity to break from ingesting solids.


This is the start to something beautiful!


1st broth:
Nourish’d has curated this nourishing warm gut healing broth that is made up of carrots, kale, spinach, ginger, leeks, radish, seaweed, shiitake mushrooms, onion, garlic, peppers, coconut oil, juniper berries, turmeric root, turmeric powder, olive oil, shiitake mushrooms, coriander, cabbage, salt and peps to taste.


2nd broth:

Nourish’d has curated this nourishing warm gut healing broth that is made up of
coconut oil, onion, garlic, carrots, celery, kale, parsley, thyme, rosemary, bay leaves, tomato, salt and peps to taste   

8:00 Start your morning with an aloe vera shot
8:30 Enjoy a warm cup of Nourish’d tea ( you can pour these straight into your cup and drink all the good bits too )

10:00 Magical plant elixir ( just add hot water, careful you don’t burn your hands )

12:00 Gut healing broth ( you can have this hot or cold )

13:00 Enjoy a nice cup of Nourish’d tea

15:00 Gut healing broth

18:00 Gut healing broth

20:00 Enjoy a warm Nourish’d tea before bed


Cleanse includes:

3 x 500ml nourishing broths per day ( please heat up or drink cold )

1 x 500ml Magical wintery elixir ( just add hot water )

1 x Aloe Vera shot

3 plant medicine teas in total (Dandelion, Lavender & Mint)


Why should i:

Cleanses your body of naughty things – Provide your body with necessary fiber – Give your digestion system a break from ‘food’- Heals your digestive system – Replenish your body with essential minerals – Remove toxins from your body – Reduces swelling and water retention – Support your liver in detoxification – Increase your blood circulation – Mind expansion – Energy – Reduce inflammation – Vitality – Reduces acidity in your body – Able to flush out toxins – Skin starts to glow!




Reduce Reuse Refuse Recycle:

We believe that glass is more eco-friendly and we are trying to eliminate the plastic waste to our landfills therefore we ask for a R10 deposit on the glass jars that you will then get back once all our cleaned jars are received back to us. Please bring them back